Don't Scam Me, Bro

**Update as of 10/4/16: Thanks to all of the people who've left comments on this post! Apparently this company has now rebranded itself as and there's a man by the name of "Michael Williams" reaching out to people as Director of Public Relations. As far as I can tell through my research, this company is all tied in with the same parent company "Utopian Life Partners" (who own Admitopia and an online dating profile website).**

A few days ago, I was approached by a company called Admitopia. I was told by the representative, Jeff, that he had found my resume online, and he wanted me to join as a part-time phone consultant to students/parents of students who are thinking of applying to my alma mater, the University of San Francisco. Initially it sounded like a great side gig - $15/hr + helping out young students? It seemed almost too good to be true, but I decided to move forward with an initial phone interview with Jeff, the Director of Public Relations. 

During the call, he informed me that all I would have to do to sign up is provide a photograph of myself and a few sentences about me and my experience at USF. Then, once they set up my profile on their website, I'd be matched with parents and students and could start taking phone calls within a few days. After the call, I couldn't help thinking, "what's the catch?"  So I decided to do some digging. This is what I found, and what led to the subsequent email response to Jeff:

So far, I've yet to receive a response from Jeff. Has anyone else been approached by Admitopia, or know more information than what I've found? Curious to know more about this strange venture.