Natural "Double Rainbow" Moments

This year, more than ever before, viral video sharing has become easier than ever. Find a funny video on YouTube, and you can send it out to all of your contacts in one easy step by clicking the 'share' button and sending it to all of your Facebook friends. My friends and I are constantly sharing stupid videos we come across, eager to discover the next hilarious sensation that will become the butt of inside jokes for years to come.

Looking back on my 'favorites' list on YouTube, my favorite viral video this year--hands down--has been the "Double Rainbow Guy."


If you're like nearly 23 million other internet users, you have seen this video. You have probably had heated debates on whether he's just very in tune with Mother Nature, or if he's stoned out of his mind, and what exactly is happening off-camera. (Note: supposedly he's sober in this video, but he's no stranger to cannabis.)

But no matter if his enthusiasm is a result of massive amounts of THC in his system, or the colors of the rainbow permeating his soul, it's refreshing to see someone have that much joy out of something as basic as a collision between water molecules and sunlight.

Take a second and think about it: when was the last time you were that excited about something?

Real-Life "Double Rainbow" Moments

Since discovering this video, my friends and I will peg amazing experiences as 'double rainbow' moments.

They may not happen too often, but when they do, they're hard not to share ("Oh my God, I totally just had a double rainbow moment yesterday!")

My last 'double rainbow' moment happened on the day after Christmas. Having probably consumed half my weight in chocolate and gluten-free baked goods over the holidays, I was feeling particularly slovenly the morning after Christmas.

I decided to break out my running shoes, put together a motivational playlist on my iPod, take advantage of the unusually sunny December day, and hit the pavement.

"Flash A Hungry Smile" by Mystery Jets was the first song that came up.


Just as the twinkling, chiming opening started, the clouds simultaneously cleared from the sun. Beams of sunlight shone down upon me and, for less than 5 seconds, it felt like the most perfect moment. I found my pace matching the tempo of the song, which motivated me to keep going.

I may not have shouted out "Oh my God, OH MY GOD!" like the Double Rainbow guy, but the moment was not wasted. Something so simple, so quick, and yet completely memorable.

Here's to more natural 'Double Rainbow' moments for 2011! What are some of your 'Double Rainbow' moments? Leave a comment below! Best moment will win a special (to be determined) prize :)

Sunrise In Northwick Park

We just witnessed the "double rainbow" of all sunrises. Stumbling our way across Northwick Park, the night before melting into the morning after without a wink in between.

Morning dew adorns itself to the freshly cut grass, as if someone came during the night and took a microscopic bedazzler to every perky green blade, willing or not.

A thick white fog envelops us as we descend into the misty unknown. Time and worries are temporarily suspended, just like our warm exhalations hitting the brisk Harrow air. It's as if we've ascended into the clouds, and we've become infinite.

Somehow the darkness of night managed to slip away, like a regretful one night stand, before we had a chance to realize it.

The skyline is fading from deep magenta, to shades of violet and baby blue; the backdrop of the glorious sun that's about to take center stage. Beams of warm light cut their way through the fog and trees, hugging our bodies and dancing across our retinas.

We become momentarily frozen in awe, before breaking out and running and twirling and skipping and laughing in the golden light.

We admire our black silhouettes against the rising sun, like shadows ripped off of the ground and given a corporeal form.

The caked-on beer on my boots has been replaced by a 5 o'clock shadow of grass clippings.

A single white dandelion stands on the field, daring to be plucked, beads of moisture disguising it as a mini disco ball. "Make a wish."