Flights Grounded at Newark Airport - ABC News

Some people say that everything happens for a reason. Others believe in 100% free will. For me, I dip a little into both categories. On the whole, I believe that everything you experience is due to the choices that you make.

However, sometimes things happen to me that make me think that there's a reason for certain events unfolding.

Take my flight back to London, for example. I should technically be back in London already, as classes started today.

With the high price of plane tickets, though, and a lack of funding, I had to choose a flight later in the week to save a few hundred pounds in airfare.

My flight will be going from San Francisco, to Newark, to London, via Continental Airlines.

Just today, I read a news article on major delays that occurred at Newark Airport on Sunday:

Flights Grounded at Newark Airport - ABC News.

If I had gotten the flight that I was supposed to get, I would have been one of those thousands of passengers stuck for hours in Newark's international terminal.

It's just kind of funny how things work out in the end.

Hopefully the process will go smoothly, come Wednesday morning!

Best Headline EVER!

'Stoned wallabies make crop circles': As I was browsing the top news stories on the BBC's website, this headline immediately caught my eye. Many of the news stories that we read every day are simply factual, and far from entertaining. Day in and day out, we hear of the horrors and injustices going on around the world.

Bombs exploding, and killing innocent bystanders. Women being stoned to death for extramarital affairs. Floods tearing apart entire towns.

Not to say that we shouldn't hear about these things, but it was refreshing to see this silly headline as one of the day's top stories.

As journalists, we become like sponges in our quest to soak up as much information about the world around us as possible.

We're always looking for the next story to share with the world. Most of the time, these stories portray the uglier side of human existence. After awhile, you can't help but become at least a bit hardened from everything you hear.

'Stoned Wallaby' Headline

I'm not sure who wrote this article, but I can imagine that this was their highlight of the day.

I can imagine the scenario of what it must have been like to read through all of the copy stories, and land upon that gem:

Supermarkets start fuel price war

Climber dies in mountain accident

Stoned wallabies make crop circles...hang on a tick...what?! Stoned wallabies? Crop circles? Jackpot!

So what's the story all about, anyway? Basically, wallabies in Australia have started roaming into poppy fields. They eat the opium poppies, get high, and run around in circles.

Have we cracked the mystery behind crop circles? The article says that sheep have been known to do this as well.

Crop circles: the mysterious work of aliens, or the result of stoned animals? You decide!