Flights Grounded at Newark Airport - ABC News

Some people say that everything happens for a reason. Others believe in 100% free will. For me, I dip a little into both categories. On the whole, I believe that everything you experience is due to the choices that you make.

However, sometimes things happen to me that make me think that there's a reason for certain events unfolding.

Take my flight back to London, for example. I should technically be back in London already, as classes started today.

With the high price of plane tickets, though, and a lack of funding, I had to choose a flight later in the week to save a few hundred pounds in airfare.

My flight will be going from San Francisco, to Newark, to London, via Continental Airlines.

Just today, I read a news article on major delays that occurred at Newark Airport on Sunday:

Flights Grounded at Newark Airport - ABC News.

If I had gotten the flight that I was supposed to get, I would have been one of those thousands of passengers stuck for hours in Newark's international terminal.

It's just kind of funny how things work out in the end.

Hopefully the process will go smoothly, come Wednesday morning!